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Pro-Slide by Reid Carruthers

The Pro-Slide is the ultimate in delivery aids.



Olson's New Delivery Stick, The Shooter!

Complete with a fiberglass handle.


Olson's Dynaglide

Olson's NEW delivery aid, with spring-loaded stabilizer legs for easy storage!


Nee Saver2

The Nee Saver2 eliminates the need of carrying both a brush and a delivery aid.



Sure-Shot curling stick

Sure-Shot curling stick


The Extender stick

“The Extender” (for throwing rocks)


The Stabilizer

The Stabilizer


The Stabilizer with brush

The Stabilizer with brush


Edge Z stabilizer with Performance head

Edge Z stabilizer with Performance head


Stick Curler Bundle

GrassRoots Curling's new stick curler bundle is perfect for those curlers who do not require sliding on ice but are looking for stability enhancement to reduce injury and falls. This bundle includes the Acacia stick curling shoes as well as the Olson Shooter stick. Great quality at a reduced bundle price! Shoes are Men sizes.


Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick

The Excaliber curling delivery stick provides clean and accurate delivery from a standing position. Fits all rock handles.


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We Offer Free delivery in Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere, Black Diamond.  

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Canada $15,

USA $35,

Standard  Int'l $125.00


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