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 The Hardline stopwatch features large numbers, and split times.


Brush Pad Towel

Olson's GR8 Pad Towel is the ultimate towel to keep your GR8 Pad clean.



The first custom Timing Solution for Curlers.

With the use of "The Rockwatcher" the curler is able to obtain an accurate time while keeping both hands on the brush handle, therefore allowing for a quicker response to the sweeping call when needed.

The custom designed stopwatch and patented Velcro "TimerBand" can be easily located to any position on any brush/broom handle.

The Rockwatcher has a large 10mm holographic digit display set at a display angle for maximum visibility. The Rockwatcher will keep you on top of changing ice conditions, and timing rocks will give you the competitive edge.

Curlers from Novices to World Champions are using the Rockwatcher.



This general purpose sport stop watch, provides all the basic functions needed for your curling timing needs.



Broom Brush

Keep your broom pad free of debris with this handy, pocket-sized, broom brush. The base comes equipped with a hole on the end to allow you to conveniently strap your broom brush to just about anything!

Measures approximately 3" x 1"


Pocket Strategy Board

The Pocket Strategy Board is a great visual tool to keep you team informed on your game strategy or to discuss possible shots.


Mini Curl Game

Bring the classic game of Curling indoors with Olson's brand new MINI CURL! 


Knee Pad

Worn on the leg that is in the hack, the Knee Pad, will protect your knee from the abrasion of the ice.

The Knee Pad is a regular slip-on volleyball-style knee pad.


Pant Saver

Worn on the leg that is in the hack, the Pant Saver, which is worn over your curling pants, will protect your curling pants from the abrasion of the ice.

The Pant Saver has elastic straps that fasten with Velcro.


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